Root Canal Procedures at Vista Dental

To many people, the phrase “root canal” is very frightening. After fillings, it is one of the most common general dentistry procedures we perform. As such, we strive to make the experience as comfortable and painless as possible. We understand you or your children may be frightened by the procedure, and we work to set you at ease. As with any operation, we are happy to answer any questions you may have before the procedure. Our state of the art tools and anesthetics ensure the process will be completely painless. You will be on your way with a new tooth before you know it.

What is a root canal? Every tooth has a root that contains the central nerve and pulp of the tooth. This pulp helps bring nutrients to the tooth itself. When tooth decay or an outside infection affects this root, the nerve and pulp may be infected. This is what causes toothaches, among other symptoms. If left unchecked, this can lead to the complete loss of the tooth or worse. When caught early, however, we can put our skills into practice to save and restore the tooth.

Before the root canal, we will likely take an x-ray and inspect the affected tooth. When we know what our target is, we numb the area, open up the tooth and remove the affected pulp, cleaning out every sign of infection. When complete, we fill and seal the root and top off the tooth with a crown. This leaves you with a healthy tooth you can use right away.

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