Partials and Dentures at Vista Dental

As we get older, damage to our teeth accumulates. At some point, fillingscrowns and bridges no longer suffice to keep a full smile and functional bite. Rather than let you go with holes in your teeth, we provide an array of denture services.

Partials are the first stage of dentures, and they are appropriate when you still have several of your natural teeth. Many people are perfectly satisfied with partials, and they look as natural as we can make them. You’ll be satisfied with your smile, and we’ll be happy to have helped.

Full dentures are, of course, full replacement sets of teeth for when you no longer have any healthy teeth of your own. We take impressions and measurements of your jaws in order to create a set of teeth that are the perfect fit for your mouth. Through a couple of appointments, we will create working models of the teeth that will become your dentures, so you can try them out and make sure they are comfortable and fit.

If this is your first experience with partials or full dentures, we will be happy to go over everything you need to know about them. This includes any common issues you might experience adjusting to your new dentures and things to watch out for as your jaw adapts to them. Take a look at our denture repair and reline service page for information about the adjustment services we offer as well. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with your new smile.

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