Extractions at Vista Dental

At Vista Dental, we know that sometimes the best option is a simple extraction of the tooth. In some cases, this is because your tooth has broken and nothing we can do will save it. In other cases, it may be a personal decision. Extracting a tooth does tend to be cheaper than a root canal and crown procedure, depending on insurance coverage. Wisdom tooth extraction is another common reason to have a tooth pulled.

Regardless of the reason, we are the best available when it comes to painless tooth extraction. We know that pulling a tooth can be intimidating, especially for children and young adults. We do everything in our power to put you at ease and answer your questions so you are comfortable when the procedure begins.

When a tooth is too broken or decayed to be saved, we perform a basic extraction. We will take an x-ray and inspect the area to make sure there is nothing that will complicate the procedure. We assemble our team of trained dentist and qualified support staff and administer whichever form of anesthetic you prefer. Most of the time, we can numb the area by local anesthetic. The tooth will be easily and painlessly pulled, and you will be given detailed care for the empty socket.

As with any other issue, if you experience problems with your extraction, you can give us a call any time. We’ll be happy to give you advice or schedule you for an emergency appointment to fix any problems that occur with your extraction.

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