Digital X-rays Used by Vista Dental

Older patients may remember a time when x-rays took an extended amount of time to use. You would sit in front of a machine and it would take several images, which would be sent off to be developed and printed. This was a time consuming process and we are happy to be past it.

Today, our x-ray systems are all digital because digital x-rays use a lot less radiation than traditional x-rays. We take images with our machine and they appear immediately on our state of the art computer systems. This allows us to see the images immediately, as well as share them with other dentists more easily should the need arise. We can also perform advanced image enhancement techniques to boost the quality of the images and see more detail than a printed x-ray on a light box can provide.

When you visit us as a new patient, chances are we will want to take a fresh set of digital x-rays images to see the state of your jaw. Additionally, if you are in for some extensive work, we will want fresh x-rays in order to have the most up to date information about your teeth, their roots and the underlying bones.

Some patients express concern about the radiation involved with digital x-rays. We make sure to cover you with a lead apron to prevent any excess radiation exposure. We also limit the number of x-rays we take in a year to minimize excess radiation. You can rest assured that our digital x-rays are perfectly safe, even for women who are pregnant.

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