Denture Repair and Reline

All our dentures are custom made for your mouth, whether they are partials or full dentures. Regardless of type, as you grow and adjust to dentures, they do not adjust to you. This means that as time passes, your dentures will begin to fit more poorly. They may simply feel loose or too tight. They may not sit well in your mouth. They may chafe or irritate your gums.

We offer services to fix all of these issues and more. If your dentures no longer fit correctly, give us a call. We will be happy to schedule you an appointment to adjust and reline your dentures. We can also repair them if they are damaged such as broken or cracked denture base or tooth.

What is a reline? There are actually several types of relines. The most basic is a simple silicone gel that is applied to the dentures to ease the pain of misshapen gums caused by long denture use. This gel often includes a mild anesthetic to help ease the pain. A chair-side reline helps on a slightly longer term basis to adjust the fit of your dentures.

For some relines, we will make note of the new fit of your jaw and send your dentures to lab to be adjusted. These relines are meant to adjust the permanent fit of your dentures, and are necessary every few years as your jaw adapts. In every instance, we strive to make sure your dentures are as comfortable and useful as possible. The last thing we want is for your mouth to be causing you pain. Call Vista Dental for your denture repair and reline appointment today.


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