Crowns and Bridges at Vista Dental

Sometimes, especially as we get older, and damage to our teeth compounds, a simple filling isn’t enough. In these cases, we turn to crowns and bridges. Crowns and bridges are restorative dental techniques that replace broken, decayed and missing teeth with new teeth that look and act as normal, but are completely synthetic.

What are crowns? A crown is installed when most of a tooth is decayed but the root itself can be saved. They are typically installed after a root canal, because much of the original tooth has been removed. A crown is essentially a single false tooth that covers a base of the original tooth. Our crowns are custom made in a lab to create an even, finished appearance and an even bite.

What are bridges? Sometimes, due to accident, decay or other reasons, a tooth has to be removed. This leaves an unsightly gap in your smile that also makes it hard to chew. Rather than leave a gap in your teeth, a bridge can be installed. A bridge is essentially a false tooth attached and suspended between two healthy teeth. It fills the gap between existing teeth to restore your smile and your bite.

All crowns and bridges are carefully created and installed in the safest, most painless manner possible. We strive to make your visit a comfortable one so you never fear dental work or avoid visiting us again. If you have need of a crown or bridge, see us today for a consultation.

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