Cosmetic Dentistry at Vista Dental

Restore your pearly whites and get the smile of a lifetime with our comprehensive cosmetic dentistry service. Our dentists realize that not everyone has the same needs and goals. Working together with you to custom tailor a plan, you be confident that you will enjoy the brightest smile possible.

Some of the cosmetic dentistry service we offer include:

Porcelain Veneers- A thin layer of porcelain is used to repair a variety of defects, such as discolorations, gaps, chips, cracks, poor alignment, and mismatched tooth length. Veneers look and feel like your natural tooth. The procedure is painless, long lasting and stays beautifully white.

Whitening– Whiter, brighter teeth can transform your smile. Whether you are looking for instant gratification or a way to lighten your teeth on your own, we have solutions that work. In office whitening produces fast results. The visit is less than one hour and will last six to ten months, depending on your oral hygiene routine. Our take home kits include custom fit bleaching trays and professional strength whitener. The mouth tray is comfortable and can be worn anytime of the day making the kits easy for at home use.

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