Children’s Dentistry at Vista Dental

Whether a toddler or teen, most parents want their children to enjoy the very best dental care. From routine cleanings to complex restorative procedures, our dentists understand your child’s unique developmental and anatomical needs. We provide compassionate, considerate and trauma free dental care for your precious loved one.

Services for Children’s Dentistry:

Hygiene Education– We teach children best dental practices to create a lifetime of good oral hygiene.

Cleanings– Dental cleanings are vital for maintaining oral health. In particular, children under 9 years of age are at an increased risk for cavities since they tend brush less effectively as older kids. As part of a biannual cleaning, a thorough dental examination is performed. Any abnormalities detected can be treated immediately.

Fluoride Treatments– Most of our young patients will have fluoride treatments during cleanings. This reduces the risk of developing tooth decay.

Sealant– A thin layer of plastic applied to the back molars, sealants help prevent tooth decay. It is almost 100 percent effective. We usually recommend this procedure between six and twelve years of age.

Fillings, Crowns, Pulp Therapy, Extractions, Minor Surgeries– We are fully equipped and staffed to handle a variety of restorative children’s dental procedures.

Emergencies – Accidents or trauma to the mouth can result in a dental emergency, as well as infections or abscesses. We recommend you call us immediately if your child experiences any of these symptoms.

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