Braces for Adults and Children at Vista Dental

As a family dental practice, we provide braces from start to finish for people of all ages. Come in for a consultation, initial fitting, installation or any additional servicing along the way. We tailor a braces treatment for your unique situation, adjust them as the process continues and painlessly remove them when your teeth are straight. No matter how much or how little work needs to be done, we are available to provide our services.

When your child is one of our patients, we monitor their oral development to catch issues before they become problems. We know what their teeth look like, and we know how they have developed, so we can create a special plan just for them. In some cases, we may recommend early braces to stop problems before they start.

We know that braces can be an intimidating event for children and young adults alike, and we strive to put their fears to rest. When we install braces, we explain anything you want to know, from the purpose of each piece to detailed care instructions.

You’re never too old for braces! If you’re an adult and you’re not confident with your teeth, feel free to come in for a consultation. We inspect your teeth and offer the best braces plan to get you happy and confident. We even offer invisible braces, or Invisalign, if you prefer to avoid the metal in your mouth. For more about Invisalign, visit that service page.

Vista Dental is a great choice for your orthodontic services. We have braces choices for everyone.

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