Dental Services for The Whole Family

The general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services we offer include many of the standard dental and orthodontic services you’ll find anywhere. We offer braces for both adults and children, or Invisalign programs for those who prefer a more subtle correction. We install and service crowns and bridges, for when a filling simply isn’t enough.

We offer partials and full dentures, and we reline and repair them for you. If your teeth are fine but your gums are inflamed, we also offer several gum treatment options. Need a root canal? We do those as well, painlessly and easily. If a filling is all you need, we offer white material to blend perfectly with your teeth. If those teeth aren’t as white as you would like, our whitening treatments are readily available.

We also perform emergency dental work if a tooth cracks or an infection sets in. Our digital x-rays are incredibly useful for this and many other dental purposes. We do extractions when necessary, and can replace the tooth with implants. We’ll also go out of our way to provide preventative treatments to help stop emergencies before they become emergencies.

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