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If you’re looking for a quality Las Vegas dentist for everyone in your family, schedule a consultation with Dr. Truong. At Vista Dental we’re committed to providing a friendly and comfortable environment, along with comprehensive service and personalized care.

You and your family will be pleased to find that a visit with Dr. Truong will be pleasant and low-stress, and we’re always happy to treat patients of all ages.

Las Vegas Dentist for Your Family

Looking for family dentistry is a great way to take care of the dental needs of yourself, your spouse, and your children all at once. However, as any parent knows, when your children are involved you want to make sure that your dentist is someone in whom you can place the utmost trust.

Dr. Truong has been caring for the healthy smiles of Las Vegas adults and children alike for years. This high level of experience has afforded him with not only the necessary skills but also the calm and gentle chairside manner that is so important when providing dental care to children.

We will be happy to discuss the many affordable options available to meet you and your family’s dental needs. For a quality Las Vegas dentist just call Vista Dental at (702) 464-3000 or stop in to arrange for a consultation.



    Pinhole Gum Surgery

    Pinhole gum surgery is a minimally invasive surgical repair for receding gums that has multiple advantages over connective tissue grafting. Patients are able to stop their receding gums in one visit, and there are far less downtime and minimal pain. After a single visit, patients who receive pinhole gum surgery can instantly see the results, which offer them both a cosmetic improvement as well as help with saving their teeth.

    Clear Braces

    Clear braces such as those offered by Clear Correct and Invisalign are great alternatives to traditional metal braces for teens and adults. These braces consist of between 18 and 30 clear plastic guards that fit over the teeth and that are worn for two to three weeks each. They help to move the teeth and are not noticeable, letting people get the smile improvements that they want.


    Dental implants are great alternatives to bridges and dentures. They are replacement tooth roots that are attached to the jawbone. Replacement teeth are then mounted onto the implants to match the patient’s teeth, giving them a more natural look and feel. The replacement teeth may be mounted permanently or be removable. Implants are a good choice for people who do not have a significant bone loss and help to improve oral health and self-esteem.

    Snap-On Dentures

    Snap-on dentures have several advantages over removable, traditional dentures. They are both stronger than removable dentures as well as much more comfortable. Snap-on dentures are attached to dental implants and do not move around when people are eating or talking, unlike removable dentures. People who get snap-on dentures will need a minimum of two implants or more. The number of implants is determined when patients have their consultations and initial exams. Snap-on dentures help patients to have greater ease when they are talking or eating.

    Screw-retained Denture or Fixed Bridge

    Screw-retained dentures or fixed bridges are more permanent options for replacement teeth. They require at least four implants that are attached to the jawbone. The dentures are then secured in place by attaching them to the screws. There is space underneath the implants so that patients are able to clean beneath them. They will not need to remove the screw-retained dentures except when they see their dentists for checkups and maintenance.


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